Gaya- From the Panorama of Time

Gaya,the city supposed to have Gayasur at its substratum is very much known as the land of Enlightenment and salvation. Falgu river to Vishnupad temple,portrays the cultural significance of the city.Every year people from across the world flood the town with a motive to satiate the departed souls.Though my town does not feature in the smart-city list of Modi Government still has enough potential to accommodate the modernity along with its traditional and multicultural identify. It is a beautiful city as nature has poured upon blessings in the form of river and mountains shielding the city from all sides.

Image Source: Unknown (We would happily like acknowledge the source if found)

The road taking you to the city will first show you the Magadh University,attracting dreamers to its premises then comes BodhGaya, like a hermit stretching its arm to embrace visitors to the land of Buddha followed by the Airport working damn seasonally and finally two tanks appear making visitors eager whether they are been to a border area or a simple town of Magadh with normal inheritance of characteristics.

Military cantonment always has filled the Gayaites with proud as well as the credit for grenaries all around the highways,accompanying to the city goes to the trainers and trainees appointed there.A special congratulations to the OTA to be a cause of better monsoon and keeping the town cool in months of april to june.

The town has to achieve a lot – a better law and order situation,regular classes in the colleges,safe and eve tease free roads,the less encroached G.B Road, cleaned Streets with a better drainage system and doctors in the medical college.


Its not that everything seems to be in doldrums. Something though,not so big in magnitude but has been achieved as people have started getting multiplex tickets of APR over Anand box tickets. youngsters with hooded sweatshirts in this month of december can be found queued in dominos but another aspect of Gaya draws my attention everytime, I try to flaunt the concocted modernity and the true picture is almost disappointing -The Road near Nazareth is still lived by people starving and being homeless.Sometimes an audi or Mercedes is seen carrying wards of rich parents which signifies the upliftment but just some steps ahead,a student in argument with an ‘autowaala’ can also be perceived for being charged a rupee or two more to college from his rented room.

Progess has started peeping but it needs to broaden its canvas.

Kabir Mohit for Humans of Gaya


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