Mathematician in the Land of Buddha- Prof. Manoranjan Singh

Meet Dr. Manoranjan Singh, a professor in Mathematics at Magadh University, Bodh Gaya.

He has setup a benchmark in the field of mathematics for the generations to come, especially in Bihar. He has deep interests in the field of mathematics, especially fuzzy structures. He has been a student of Gaya College, Gaya and has also served as a lecturer in the mathematics department here. His research work has been published in various several National and International Journals. Manoranjan SIngh

One of his works on fuzzy ‘Theory of Fuzzy Structures and Applications’, has also been introduced in the post-graduate courses of universities of Germany. He has written several books on courses related to undergraduate mathematics in Bihar.

He is the lone teacher in the science faculty to be conferred with D.Sc. (Honorary degree in the field of Sciences) in Bihar after singh

To add a few, he has also been honoured with several prizes for his work. Last Year, Prof. Manoranjan Singh was awarded the ‘Bharat Gaurav भारत गौरव’ Award, New Delhi.m1 (2)


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