Kundan Kishore, the next CM of Bihar?

  Next morning, when you put in your jogging shoes do meet Kundan Kishore during his 'Padyatra' (पदयात्रा) in Bihar. Kundan Kishore, who hails from Gaya is in no mood to leave any stone unturned in his quest to search Bihar, Biharis and the opportunities which can make Bihar the United States of America. Yes, the United... Continue Reading →


Meet Dr. Manoranjan Singh, a professor in Mathematics at Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. He has setup a benchmark in the field of mathematics for the generations to come, especially in Bihar. He has deep interests in the field of mathematics, especially fuzzy structures. He has been a student of Gaya College, Gaya and has also... Continue Reading →

Gaya- From the Panorama of Time

Gaya,the city supposed to have Gayasur at its substratum is very much known as the land of Enlightenment and salvation. Falgu river to Vishnupad temple,portrays the cultural significance of the city.Every year people from across the world flood the town with a motive to satiate the departed souls.Though my town does not feature in the... Continue Reading →

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